Nov 14, 2008

World is spinning too fast

And while it's spinning faster every day (perhaps because of her?) my blog themes are getting cold and old. I wanted to write about many topics but instead I was living my life. Go figure...So first let me just post simple summary of links I found worth reading in past weeks:
There were also few others but just like 2001: A search oddysey they became outdated some time ago.

There is however one article that sparked my interest more than others in past weeks. Title of the article is "Tips for getting started in information security". Why was this interesting to me? I have quite a few feeds in my RSS reader. Some of them are dealing with security, some with more general IT topics, some are just plain fun. My problem is that I like security as much as I like software development. It is however not that easy to find basic-level stuff that is dealing with application security. When I read about attack on Adobe Flash virtual machine my head started turning. I know thing or two about stack, buffer overflows etc. but this is just too much for me now. So I decided I have to change my approach a bit and start catching up on application security. Otherwise I will just turn to one of those old school wannabes that actually know something about everything nut not really everything about something.

Unfortunately I don't suspect I will have much time in upcoming days for blogging but we'll see.



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