Aug 28, 2008

Lack of security is not a problem

False sense of security is. As Dan Kaminsky pointed out recently, there have been numerous BIG security problems with fundamental Internet services. All of them undermine basic principles on which Internet is based: routing or DNS.

Can we trust the other side? How can we know that we are "talking" to the same computer as few days ago? This question is usually answered by encryption of communication and authentication through SSL (https). Most websites use self-signed certificates, but these provide only encryption, not authentication. There are quite a few good examples of security pitfalls of self-signed certificates.

Recently I also managed to stumble on nice Firefox extension called Perspectives. Usually only your browser checks security certificate of https server you are connecting to. If attacker takes over path between you and destination server, trying to execute MITM attack, Perspectives would detect this and warn you. It would even warn you if the certificate changed recently. This makes even self-signed certificates somehow more secure. Without Perspectives you could be easily lured in a den of wolves. For more in-depth explanation on how Perspectives works, see original publication.

The basic principle still stands. You are most vulnerable, when you don't expect an attack. In other words:
Little paranoia never hurts
So next time you see a warning about invalid/outdated/self-signed certificate, don't accept it without thinking about consequences.



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