Aug 14, 2008

Lorem ipsum?

I created this blog some time ago, but so far I did not create any posts. Why? Well I am reading a lot of blogs and the best ones are usually those that have certain criterias:
  • interesting content,
  • interesting form,
  • lot of interlinking to other sources of information,
and most importantly: they are updated regularly.

Can I do all of those things? Well, we'll see... If nothing else this will be nice to read in 20 or so years (If I manage to keep it up for at least a few months :) ) I will try to update this blog twice a week and we'll see how that goes.

Topics that I will most probably write about include:
I will most probably get a lot of ideas from other blogs that I read. If you just want to get an idea what I am interested in you can always look at my shared google reader feeds.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

P.S Oh more thing. English is not my primary language so there may be occasional "hiccups". Sorry



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