Oct 3, 2008


I'm slowly starting to feel like Google Fanboy(tm), but Big G has made an interesting announcement recently. Dubbed "Clean Energy 2030", proposal tries to encourage several ways to achieve usage of "clean" energy by year 2030. I suggest you read it, especially if you like sci-fi. Basically they suggest 3 complementary things to do:
  1. Reduce demand by doing more with less - in other words energy efficiency.
  2. Develop renewable energy that is cheaper than coal (RE<c) - concentrate on solar, wind and geothermal energy.
  3. Electrify transportation and re-invent our electric grid.
Of these, first two seem OK. But electrifying transportation? Especially in US where you cannot buy car with engine less than 2000cc? I will watch closely. I still remember those sci-fi movies that showed flying cars in year 2000 and I am still dissapointed there are almost none.

I would love to see future come sooner, possibly while I'm still alive, but I am a little bit sceptical. Google might chip-in with generous 45$ mil this year, but will goverments follow? I doubt it. Still, hope dies last. I still have this dream of Earthlings being one big nation where it doesn't really matter which part of Earth are you from. It just matters you are not from Qo'noS or Minbar. And this "cheap energy for everyone" initiative reminds me of these dreams. Oh well, one can dream.



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