Oct 16, 2008

Sound quality is relative

We all know that, right? Right. Who am I kidding? Most people don't notice the difference between 96kbps 4x re-encoded mp3 and FLAC. Of course it depends on your setup. Headphones, mp3 players. All of it makes your experience better (or worse).

Since I bought my first Koss Porta Pro headphones I realized that there are headphones and HEADPHONES. With some you don't even hear the important parts, while others make you realize how much noise there is in the source :). And so my music collection is now mostly flac, high quality ogg or vbr mp3. Normally I don't care about the size of music files. Storage is not that expensive these days. But I have an old Cowon U3 music player (still cannot find anything better) with only 2GB of memory. Of course that's where size comes into play. What I usually do is convert music to lower bitrates (160 kbps vbr usually) before transfering them to the player. But I don't keep those converted versions around since I don't have that much space lying around :). So I am wasting time chosing files to transfer, then converting them and finally copy them to player.

Manually converting and then transferring files is kind of a bummer though. Now I realized...I can actually program right?! So how about making a FUSE virtual filesystem on top of vfat filesystem on the player. This virtual filesystem would convert music files being copied to the filesystem to specified format in background. Processor speeds are fast enough to do this more-less realtime these days so why not?

How will this affect my workflow? Compare:

NowVirtual FS
  • Copy files to temporary directory
  • Convert big files to lower bitrates
  • Copy files to mp3 player
  • Copy files to mp3 player
So far this is just an idea. I don't know of any other project doing the same thing (there are a few dealing with general data compression but not media files specific).

Expect more to come (just don't expect deadlines :) ).

*EDIT* As it happend there are already FUSE project that do exactly what I had in mind. I guess I should check the page more often. The projects are GSTFS and MP3FS where the first one seems more promising and flexible.



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